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Conference rooms

A summary of the different layout options

And a feel-good factor is also well provided for in the breaks too: help yourself from our specially installed small kitchen and speciality coffee machine and top up your energy levels with drinks and light snacks. 

Do you need help with the planning? We will gladly support and assist you.

Simply send us a personal enquiry and hold your conference here at the Landhotel Geyer conference hotel!

A presentation can quickly become boring and monotonous. And concentration can wane just as fast, quickly dampening the mood.

Avoid monotonous forms of presentation and vary between our equipment and modern conference technology. For example, use the flip chart as well as projector to make your talks more varied.

Switching between technical equipment and simple “old-fashioned” methods in particular creates movement and makes the presentation entertaining. Select what you want from our technology and we will ensure with our extensive expertise that there is nothing standing in the way of your successful conference.

  • Projector
  • Overhead projector
  • Flip chart
  • DVD player
  • HiFi system
  • CD player
  • TV tuner
  • Radio microphone
  • Screens
  • Pin boards
  • Network structure
  • Lte Internet access
  • Document camera
  • Bluetooth in one group room