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Boat trips & canoeing tours

For wet and wild adventures

Nature lovers appreciate the unique scenery in Germany’s largest nature park and explore the region with boat trips on the Altmühl. Boat trips are a summer treat for the whole family. Numerous boat hire companies in Kipfenberg and the surrounding area also transport you to and from where your boat or canoe tour starts.

Whether it’s a kayak, Canadian canoe or rowing boat - the Altmühltal valley is ideal for a relaxing and at the same time adventurous boating holiday in Bavaria!

Enjoy the impressive silence and let yourself just drift away. You discover a number of fascinating animal and plant species thanks to the great unspoilt Altmühltal nature.

Immerse yourself in the depths of nature alongside the sporting challenging on the tour and be captivated by the rich green with the sound of water lapping in your ears.